2017 year‘s papers 2017 year‘s papers

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  1. Su M, Huang Z, Huang Y, et al. Swarm Intelligence‐Inspired Spontaneous Fabrication of Optimal Interconnect at the Micro/Nanoscale[J]. Advanced Materials, 2017, 29(7). (Cover)
  2. Geng H, Liu X, Shi G, et al. Graphene Oxide Restricts Growth and Recrystallization of Ice Crystals[J]. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017, 56(4): 997-1001.

  3. Wu S, Zhu C, He Z, et al. Ion-specific ice recrystallization provides a facile approach for the fabrication of porous materials[J]. Nature Communications, 2017, 8.

  4. Huang Z, Su M, Yang Q, et al. A general patterning approach by manipulating the evolution of two-dimensional liquid foams[J]. Nature Communications, 2017, 8: 14110.

  5. Hou J, Liu M, Zhang H, et al. Healable green hydrogen bonded networks for circuit repair, wearable sensor and flexible electronic devices[J]. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017.

  6. Gu Z, Wang K, Li H, et al. Direct‐Writing Multifunctional Perovskite Single Crystal Arrays by Inkjet Printing[J]. small, 2017, 13(8). (Cover)

  7. Li L, Gao M, Guo Y, et al. Transparent Ag@ Au–graphene patterns with conductive stability via inkjet printing[J]. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, 5(11): 2800-2806.

  8. Zheng L, Jiang K, Huang J, et al. Solid-state nanocrystalline solar cells with an antimony sulfide absorber deposited by an in situ solid–gas reaction[J]. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5(10): 4791-4796.

  9. Zhou J, Han P, Liu M, et al. Self‐healable Organogel Nanocomposite with Angle‐independent Structural Colors[J]. Angewandte Chemie, 2017.

  10. Huang Y, Li W, Qin M, et al. Printable Functional Chips Based on Nanoparticle Assembly[J]. Small, 2017, 13(4). (Inside Cover)

  11. Zhou H, Chang R, Reichmanis E, et al. Wetting of inkjet polymer droplets on porous alumina substrates[J]. Langmuir, 2017, 33(1): 130-137.

  12. Li Y, Zhou X, Yang Q, et al. Patterned photonic crystals for hiding information[J]. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, 5(19): 4621-4628.(Cover)

  13. Li W, Li Y, Su M, et al. Printing assembly and structural regulation of graphene towards three-dimensional flexible micro-supercapacitors[J]. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017.

  14. Gao M, Li L, Song Y. Inkjet printing wearable electronic devices[J]. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, 5(12): 2971-2993.

  15. Zhang Y, Tian J, Jiang K, et al. A novel method for fabrication of CdS quantum dot-sensitized solar cells[J]. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2017: 1-7.

  16. Jiao X, Li Y, Li F, et al. Voltage-Responsive Controlled Release Film with Cargo Release Self-Monitoring Property Based on Hydrophobicity Switching. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, 9(12): 10992-10999.

  17. Li H, Li M, Li W, et al. Three dimensional MOF–sponge for fast dynamic adsorption. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017, 19(8): 5746-5752.(Back Cover)

  18. Kuang M, Song Y. Inkjet Printing of Photonic Crystals. Nanomaterials for 2D and 3D Printing, 2017.

  19. Zhang J, Fan Y, He M, et al. Accuracy of Raman spectroscopy in differentiating brain tumor from normal brain tissue. Oncotarget, 2017, 8(22): 36824.

  20. Zhang Y, Tian J, Jiang K, et al. In-situ gas-solid reaction for fabrication of copper antimony sulfide thin film as photovoltaic absorber. Materials Letters, 2017.

  21. Jie Liu, Chongqin Zhu, Kai Liu, Ying Jiang, Yanlin Song, Joseph S. Francisco, Xiao Cheng Zeng, and Jianjun Wang. Distinct ice patterns on solid surfaces with various wettabilities PNAS 2017 114 (43) 11285-11290

  22. Xiaotian Hu, Zengqi Huang, Xue Zhou, Pengwei Li, Yang Wang, Zhandong Huang, Meng Su, Wanjie Ren, Fengyu Li*, Mingzhu Li, Yiwang Chen, Yanlin Song* "Wearable Large-scale Perovskite Solar Power Source via Nano-cellular Scaffold." Adv. Mater., 2017, 29, 1703236. (Back Cover)

  23. Meng Su, Zhandong Huang, Yifan Li, Xin Qian, Zheng Li, Xiaotian Hu, Qi Pan, Fengyu Li*, Lihong Li and Yanlin Song*, "A three-dimensional self-shaping strategy for nano-resolution multicomponent architectures." Adv. Mater., 2017, 29, 1703963. (Cover)

  24. Zheng Li, Zhandong Huang, Qiang Yang, Meng Su, Xue Zhou, Huizeng Li, Lihong Li, Fengyu Li* and Yanlin Song*,Bioinspired Anti-Moiré Random Grids via Patterning Foams" Adv. Opt. Mater., 2017, DOI: 10.1002/adom. 201700751

  25. Yudong Li, Yanan Li, Meng Su, Wenbo Li, Yifan Li, Huizeng Li, Xin Qian, Xingye Zhang, Fengyu Li* and Yanlin Song*, "Electronic textile by dyeing method for multi-resolution physical kineses monitoring" Adv. Elec. Mater.,2017,DOI: 10.1002/aelm.201700253R1.