2015 year's papers 2015 year's papers

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1. Lei Wu, Zhichao Dong, Minxuan Kuang, Yanan Li, Fengyu Li, Lei Jiang,and Yanlin Song.Printing Patterned Fine 3D Structures by Manipulating the Three Phase Contact Line. Adv. Fun. Mater., 2015, DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201404559 (High lighted by Nanowerk

2. Lei Wu, Zhichao Dong, Ning Li, Fengyu Li, Lei Jiang, Yanlin Song, Manipulating Oil Droplets by Superamphiphobic Nozzle, Small,11, (2015)4837-4843.

3. Meng Qin, Fengyu Li, Yu Huang, Wei Ran, Dong Han, and Yanlin Song, Twentynatural amino acids identification by a photochromic sensor chip. Anal. Chem., 87(2015),837-842.

4. Meng Qin, Yu Huang, Fengyu Li, Yanlin Song, Photochromic sensors: a versatile approach for recognition and discrimination, J. Mater. Chem. C,(2015).

5. Guo, Y.; Li, L.; Li, F.; Zhou, H.; Song, Y., Inkjet print microchannels based on a liquid template. Lab Chip 2015, 15 (7), 1759-1764.

6. Libin Wang, Fengyu Li, Minxuan Kuang, Jingxia Wang, Yu Huang, Lei Jiang and Yanlin Song,Interface manipulation for three-dimensional microstructure by magnetic guiding. Small, 11, (2015)1900-1904.

7. Bin Bao, Mingzhu Li, Yuan Li, Zhenkun Gu, Xingye Zhang, Lei Jiang, Yanlin Song, Patterning fluorescent quantum dot nanocomposites by reactive inkjet printing. Small, 2015, 10.1002/smll.201403005.

8. Jiazhen Sun, Bin Bao, Min He, Haihua Zhou, Yanlin Song, Recent Advances in Controlling the Depositing Morphologies of Inkjet Droplets, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 7, (2015)28086-28099.

9. Huizeng Li, Qiang Yang, Guannan Li, Mingzhu Li, Shutao Wang, Yanlin Song, Splitting a Droplet for Femtoliter Liquid Patterns and Single Cell Isolation, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 7, (2015)9060-9065.

10. Jue Hou, Huacheng Zhang, Qiang Yang, Mingzhu Li, Lei Jiang, Yanlin Song, Hydrophilic-hydrophobic patterned molecularly imprinted photonic crystal sensor for high-sensitive colorimetric detection of tetracycline. Small, 2015,  11, (2015)2738-2742.

11. Shuoran Chen, Meng Su, Cong Zhang, Meng Gao, Bin Bao, Qiang Yang, Bin Su, Yanlin Song, Fabrication of Nanoscale Circuits on Inkjet-Printing Patterned Substrates, Adv. Mater. ,27, (2015)3928-3933.

12. Bin Bao, Jieke Jiang, Fengyu Li, Pengchao Zhang, Shuoran Chen, Qiang Yang, Shutao Wang, Bin Su, Lei Jiang, Yanlin Song, Fabrication of Patterned Concave Microstructures by Inkjet Imprinting, Advanced Functional Materials,25, (2015)3286-3294.