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最小化 最大化


 From "Impossible" to "I'm possible"

---Prof. Yanlin Song

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最小化 最大化

Prof. Yanlin Song

Address: Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

TEL: 86-10-62529284

FAX: 86-10-62529284


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最小化 最大化

Welcome to Song's group!


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最小化 最大化

Printed Integrated Circuits by Swarm Intelligence Inspirations

Swarm Intelligence-Inspired Spontaneous Fabrication of Optimal Interconnect at the Micro/Nanoscale. Adv. Mater.. doi:10.1002/adma.201605223

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最小化 最大化


Angew. Chem. In. Ed. 2013,125, anie.201302311.

A Multi-stopband Photonic Crystals Microchip for High-performance Metal Ions Recognition based on Fluorescent Detection. Yu Huang, Fengyu Li*, Meng Qin, Lei Jiang, Yanlin Song*, Angew. Chem. In. Ed. 2013,125, anie.201302311.