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最小化 最大化


 From "Impossible" to "I'm possible"

---Prof. Yanlin Song

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最小化 最大化

Prof. Yanlin Song

Address: Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

TEL: 86-10-62529284

FAX: 86-10-62529284


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最小化 最大化

Welcome to Song's group!


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最小化 最大化


 A 3D liquid self-shaping strategy is reported for rapidly patterning materials over a series of compositions and accurately achieving micro- and nanoscale structures. The predesigned template selectively pins the droplet, and the surface energy minimization drives the self-shaping processing. The as-prepared 3D circuits assembled by silver nanoparticles carry a current of 208–448 μA at 0.01 V impressed voltage, while the 3D architectures achieved by two different quantum dots show noninterfering optical properties with feature resolution below 3 μm. This strategy can facilely fabricate micro-nanogeometric patterns without a modeling program, which will be of great significance for the development of 3D functional devices.

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最小化 最大化


Direct Writing of Patterned, Lead-Free Nanowire Aligned Flexible Piezoelectric Device


    A high-performance flexible piezoelectric nanogenerator (PNG) is fabricated by a direct writing method, which acquires both patterned piezoelectric structure and aligned piezoelectric nanowires simultaneously. The voltage output of the as-prepared PNG is nearly 400% compared with that of the traditional spin-coated device due to the effective utilization of stress. This facile printing approach provides an efficient strategy for significant improvement of the piezoresponse.

(Paper: Meng Gao, Lihong Li, Wenbo Li, Haihua Zhou, Yanlin Song. Direct Writing of Patterned, Lead‐Free Nanowire Aligned Flexible Piezoelectric Device. Advanced Science, 2016.3, 1600120)